Single White Tutu Hoop Wire & Connector (7 feet / 2.1m)
Single Black Tutu Hoop Wire & Connector (7 feet / 2.1m)
Dyed Hoop Wire

Hoop Wire & Connector for One Tutu

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Pre-cut hoop wire to hoop a standard 15" tutu (7' or 2.1m) and a connector.

Hoop wire is made in the USA with two strands of high tensile spring steel to prevent torquing and coated with white polymer that is dyeable with acid dyes.  3/8" (9.5 mm) wide.  

It is ideal for use in hooping tutus, steel hoop boning for hoop skirts, and costumes.

Available in white and "black-ish".  The black is dyed with Dharma Trading Acid Dye 476 Toner Black.  It is close enough to true black to use in a black tutu.  Black is only available in the single tutu hoop wire length (7') in limited quantities and may take an extra day to ship.


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