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About Us


In August 2016 John was laid off at work. Because he is an automation engineer, I asked him to look into manufacturing hoop wire as it was no longer available.  We thought it might take a few months to accomplish this but it took ten months.  We are really happy with the final product though and we hope you will like it too.  He also designed the dye rack and connectors and they are also manufactured in Southern California.


Our daughter was in ballet for about ten years and I worked in the costume department.  We didn't have anyone to make tutus so a friend and I took Suzanne Dieckmann's Tutu Seminar in Los Angeles and I made a lot of tutus over the next several years.  Almost two years ago I needed a lot of hoop wire to make some hoop skirts and had a very hard time finding it.  I learned that the old company was out of business.  

We are located in Santa Ana, CA and the hoop wire is manufactured in Southern California.

We'd love to hear any feedback you have.  Chat with us, use the Contact Us page, or email us at john@hoopwire.com.

Friday, June 30, 2017 - our first production run is done!