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Hoop Wire for Tutus and Skirt Boning

If you’ve been searching for the perfect wire to create a beautiful hoop shape for your garment or costume, this is the only one you’ll need!

Our sturdy hoop wire is specifically designed for costume and garment use, and the ideal material for constructing (or reviving) hoop skirts, bustles, corsets, tutus, crinoline petticoats, wedding dresses, Spanish verdugado, French farthingales, and other garments where boning is required to create a defined hoop shape.

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Constructed from U.S.-made spring steel, our hoop wire is flexible and easy to work with, yet strong enough to maintain the garment’s intended shape without bending, crimping, or kinking. It will never rust or snag on fabric.

The core of the wire is made with two strands of spring steel, and the outside layer is encased in high-quality, non-toxic polymer. The white plastic coating is also dyeable using common fabric dyes, which means you can perfectly match the wire with the rest of your garment. No sharp edges ever. Easily connect wire lengths together using our customized connectors (sold separately).

Our high-tensile spring steel hoop wire is designed to continually hold its “springy” characteristics without bending, cracking, or crushing. It will easily withstand the rigors of use in theater, dance, and film productions, and will last for many years without the need for repair.

You won’t ever need to worry about going through small spaces or sitting down with our hoop wire; it will easily and reliably spring back and keep your garment’s shape without fail.

Ideal For: hoop skirts, costumes, bustles, hats, cuffs, hoop skirts, corsets, Marie Antoinette panniers, French dresses, millinery, gowns, tutus, wedding dresses, crinoline petticoats, and any other project requiring steel hoop boning.

Tools Required: wire cutter, cable cutter, plastic connectors (sold separately)


  • 3/8" (9.5 mm) wide
  • High-tensile spring steel
  • Non-toxic white polymer
  • Cut to order
  • Available in any custom length
  • Made in the USA

Note: A typical 15" tutu uses approximately 84" or 7' (2.1m) of hooping. Looking for a single tutu hooping kit - we have it here.

For discounted pricing, purchase by the roll.

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