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Hoop Wire Connector

Customized specifically for our hoop wire, our connectors are designed to easily and securely connect two ends of our hoop wire together. The connector is available in Natural and Black.  The Natural connector is dyeable with the same standard textile dyes used to dye the hoop wire (learn how).

These connectors are infinitely better than metal clips that don’t conform to the shape of the hoop wire, and require hammering and pliers to use. Our connectors also solve the common problem of wrapping tape around the hoop wire to hold the ends together but possibly having the tape get caught in your costume.

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Due to variables in production, there are slight differences in the thickness and width of the hoop wire. The hoop wire might be marginally looser or tighter in the connector at times. If you would like to make the wire tighter, or more permanent in the connector, squirt high-temperature hot melt glue inside the connector and on 1/2" of the ends of the hoop wire before inserting.

HoopWire.com has tested high-temperature hot melt glue and low-temperature hot melt glue, and we have found that the high-temperature glue adheres better.

The connector can be removed by forcefully pulling the hoop wire out of the connector. If the hoop wire is glued into the connector, it may be necessary to break the connector with your hoop wire cutters.


  • Non-toxic, rust-proof plastic
  • Customized for our hoop wire
  • Designed to flex with the hoop wire
  • Made in the USA

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