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Hoop Wire FAQs


How Quickly Will You Ship My Order?

How do I Unpack and Store my Order of Hoop Wire?


Which Shipping Carriers Do You Use & What are the Rates?

Which Countries Do You Ship To?

I'm an International Customer - What About VAT & Customs Charges?

USPS First Class Package International Shipping Rates

International Shipping Rates for 500' (152 M) of Hoop Wire

USPS Holiday Closure Schedule

Tracking Information

Using and Dyeing Hoop Wire and Connectors

What is the Purpose of Hoop Wire?

How Do I Dye Hoop Wire and Connectors?

What Type of Dye do I use?

What Type of Pot do I use for Dyeing?

How does the Dye Rack Work?

Can I use multiple connectors to make a hoop?

What do I use to cut the hoop wire?

What Happens if the Hoop Wire Gets Folded or has a Kink in it?

How do I Clean Costumes that have Hoop Wire in them?