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Resources for Costuming

These are resources I know of.  If you know of others you recommend, please let me know at john@hoopwire.com

Database Software for Costume Inventory, Production Management, and so much more!

Costume & Theatre Inventory Resources I have used this software and can not recommend it highly enough.  Also, custom printed labels to sew or iron in costumes.  Fantastic customer support too. 

Hoop Wire/Skirt Boning


Patterns, Classes, Webinars, and How To Blogs

Tutus that Dance– Patterns for Ballet and dance, Tutu Seminars. I've attended many seminars and always learn a lot also wonderful patterns.

TutuEducation.com - Fantastic resource for expert instruction.  Even some freebies!  Professional quality HD videos with experts.  I've learned so much from the videos I've watched.  Highly recommend this! 

Travis Halsey Webinars -  Love these webinars.

Truly Victorian – Vintage patterns for the 1830’s to the 1900’s

Past Patterns - Patterns from 1780's - 1940's

Reconstructing History – Vintage & historic patterns for the 17th to the 20th Centuries

The Laced Angel - How to Draft a Round Hoop Skirt – Corset, Hoop Skirt & other tutorials

Historical Sewing – 19th Century Costuming

Black Snail Patterns - 1700 - 1910 Patterns

Angela Clayton's Costumery & Creations – Medieval to 19th Century & Cosplay Blog

The Recollections of J. P. Ryan - Recreating the clothing of the Georgian era
Fine patterns for both Ladies and Gentlemen for all manner of Clothing and Accessories

Lulu's Sewing Patterns and Guides for Historical Clothing and Costumes

Tutu Net, Coutil, Boning, etc.

Tutu Nets Midwest – Diamond Net, Tulle, Spiral Steel Boning, Boning Tips, Bone Casing, Hooks & Bars, Petersham Ribbon, ½” Rigid Plastic Boning, Button hole elastic, and shoulder strap elastic.

Edley Fabrics  Diamond Net & Tulle (by the bolt)

Richard the Thread – Spiral Boning, Boning Tips, Bone Casing, Nickel Hooks & Bars (don’t rust), wax tracing paper, coutil, brocades,

Farthingales – Canada – Spiral Boning, Bone Casing Tape, Bone Tipping Pliers, hoop skirt & bustle patterns,

CorsetMaking.com – Spiral Steel Boning, Boning Tips, ½” Rigid Plastic Boning, Bone Casing Tape, Coutil, and Brocades

Marie Cooley's Fitting Room - Custom corsets and supplies

The Sewing Place  -  Petersham Ribbon

Judith M Millinery SupplyPetersham Ribbon, Millinery Supplies

Burnley and Trowbridge - Purveyors of Goods for Historical Fashion and Workshops

Valorose Tutus and Textiles – UK – Tutu Net, Tulle, Fabrics, Lace, Hooks & Bars, Petersham Ribbon, Bone Casing, Piping Cord, Coutil, and HoopWire.com hoop wire reseller.

Dynamic Dancewear - Australia - HoopWire.com hoop wire reseller, Costumer, Dance supplies

Tutu.com – Fabrics, trims, nets, hooks & bars

Sewing Supplies & Notions

Wawak Sewing

Country Brook Design - Belting, buckles, d-rings, belting tips, hook & loop tape

LACISVintage notions and tools


Pro Chemical & Dye

Dharma Trading


Jiffy Steamer

Theater Makeup

The Ultimate Guide to Cosplay Makeup

A Guide to Theater Makeup