Dyeing Hoop Wire

The hoop wire can be easily dyed using a general all purpose union dye, such as Rit Dye, or acid dyes that can be purchased at Pro Chemical & Dye or Dharma Trading.  

Follow all safety and usage instructions on the dye packaging and website.

We use an electric skillet, but you can also use a burner on your stove or outdoor grill.  

  • TEST!! Cut a small piece of hoop wire to test the amount of time it will take to get the desired result.
  • Wipe hoop wire clean to remove any dirt.  Acetone is a good cleaner.
  • Thread hoop wire on a dye rack. Dye racks are available for purchase on HoopWire.com
  • Use enough water so that the hoop wire is completely submerged and allow for evaporation.
  • Heat the water to the desired temperature.  Most Acid dyes can be maintained between 180° and 210° F (82° - 99° C) for best results.
  • Add dye and acid (white vinegar or citric acid) according to package directions. Stir. If using a powdered dye, make sure it is completely dissolved.
  • Add hoop wire so that the dye bath flows freely around all surfaces.  
  • Process the hoop wire until it reaches the desired color.  Acid dyes are best for dark colors.  Rit Dye does not work for black.
  • Remove the hoop wire from the dye bath and rinse in an ice bath or cold water.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or via email at john@hoopwire.com.

    Watch a short video here.