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You'll LOVE this webinar and it is free.   Many, many thanks to Travis for presenting and sharing his knowledge.

Please see class notes and comments at the bottom of this post.

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Halsey Onstage <halseyonstage@gmail.com>
Thu 4/11/2019 6:34 PM
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In todays webinar i misspoke / tongue tied at one spot...
where i'm denting the steel in the miniature hoop skirt, I referred to that as the sprung steal.... The miniature skirt has flat plain steel, not the sprung steel.
Also I meant to discuss what to do if a tutu needs a hoop, but does not have a casing....
Untack the top few layers...get down into the guts of the tutu to where you would like to add the hoop.  Tie up the layers above that spot.  Lay a hoop joined with connector atop the shorter layers, bottom half of the tutu.  With Purl Cotton, or embroidery thread cross stitch, (herringbone stitch) over the hoop you have laid down.  Not to tight , and with large spacing and a wide stitch..... your encasing over the top of the hoop with your stitch piercing down into the nets a couple layers.  Loose enough that you don't make the net bend upwards.  The hoop should have some play to it.  When done, re-steam and re-tack the top layers.
Travis H.

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